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MINISTRY OF OUD is Perfume Brand based in UAE and Serving USA , UK , Aus , NZ , India , Malaysia , Singapore to name few countries. We started our fragrance journey three decades ago. Quality is our priority in business operations. As a perfume company we try to bring maximum quality and innovation in the world of perfumes. Paris Corner Perfumes is one of the pioneers of the perfumes and cosmetic market in UAE now. Our oriental and occidental perfumes lines have found wide acceptance and preference among our loyal customers across the world. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, we vow to serve our loyal and committed clients. We focus on customer relationship and support very strongly. Our markets are spread across the entire Middle East, Asia, African Continent, and also extend far into Eastern, Central and growing into Western Europe. We see our future as an exponential growth and hope to reach out to clients in more diverse markets, and at the same time strengthen our cooperation with already existing clients.

I just tried this and it is indeed long-lasting. Sprayed it on my skin and I can still smell it even after taking a shower. I have same sentiments with gabbi4god tho about the plastic-like smell - is that the benzoin? But after a while, it will go away and it settles with that sweet vanilla rose note.

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Omg! This caught me off guard. 95% close to the OF MFK satin mood! Performance and projection is excellent to. 4 sprays max tho, or you will choke lol. The dry down is so beautiful, rose, vanilla, with a slight touch of oud in the background! MFK does have a more balanced opening, but that’s only for a mini or 2. This will definitely replace my MFK after it’s all gone.

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One of the perfumes that has intrigued me lately, I had to get a sample of Oud Amber. I was expecting a full-bodied, full-blast rose scent with some oud, instead my nose gets a soft, powdery rose that is surprisingly overpowering, and it lasts for hours. No oud, not even vanilla. Definitely unisex.

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