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Ministry of Oud(TM)

Welcome to Ministry of Oud!!

I just tried this and it is indeed long-lasting. Sprayed it on my skin and I can still smell it even after taking a shower. I have same sentiments with gabbi4god tho about the plastic-like smell - is that the benzoin? But after a while, it will go away and it settles with that sweet vanilla rose note.

FragComm Member

Omg! This caught me off guard. 95% close to the OF MFK satin mood! Performance and projection is excellent to. 4 sprays max tho, or you will choke lol. The dry down is so beautiful, rose, vanilla, with a slight touch of oud in the background! MFK does have a more balanced opening, but that’s only for a mini or 2. This will definitely replace my MFK after it’s all gone.

Fragcomm Member

One of the perfumes that has intrigued me lately, I had to get a sample of Oud Amber. I was expecting a full-bodied, full-blast rose scent with some oud, instead my nose gets a soft, powdery rose that is surprisingly overpowering, and it lasts for hours. No oud, not even vanilla. Definitely unisex.

Lincoln, Virginia